The sixst year in a row, the octocopter delivered aerial shots of the Viva West Marathon.

At 250 kilometers, Autobahn 1 is the longest on North Rhine-Westphalia. For many drivers, it is a pure traffic jam but there is also beautiful along the A1. The mkplus: videocopter flew the aerial shots for the  documentation.

The videocopter on it´s medical mission. The Helios clinic is going to be reconstructed within the next few years. Our drone delivers the pictures for the documentary about the reconstruction process.

++ mk plus: medienproduktion has planned, filmed and post-produced a spot for the historical museum Saar. The videocopter delivered all the pictures from high above, as well as from close to the ground.

After the storm front "Friederike" our octocopter has delivered TV pictures of the devestation in the forests. Produced for the current news in the WDR-TV.

Our drone team delivered current aerial shots of the flooding in North Rhine-Westphalia for the WDR and ARD newsbroadcasts for three days.

Einslive Drone. The mkplus: videocopter delivered the night aerial shots for the WDR live TV show “Einslive Krone”. Despite storm and rain our drone kept doing it´s job and broadcasted  aerials of the “Jahrhunderthalle” in Bochum, where the event took place.

For the summer interviews with North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Laschet and regional political chairman of the SPD Michael Groschek, our drone team delivered aerials of the "Dortmund U" and the NRW state office.

For the new WDR TV Format with Björn Freitag , the mk plus: drone delivered the establishing shots of several locations in the Sauerland.

Special permit for drone bans of the new drone act is on hand now ! The new drone law unfortunately has brought some considerable limitations in aerial filming. With immidiate effect we are holder of a special permit in North Rhine-Westphalia enabling us to legally operate our camera drone within the vicinity of crowds, road transport infrastructure, overhead private property and waterways again.

Event documentation of a company event in Bochum. The videocopter delivered the aerial shots at dusk.

Our drone team accompanied the reporter-duo of the “WDR Lokalzeit Düsseldorf” on their trip along the Tour de France route.

For the ZDF Format: “ZDF Zeit: Wie gut ist…?“, the copter delivered air support for our ground team.

For the documentary “Regenten am Rhein- Unsere Ministerpräsidenten” on WDR TV; our mk plus octocopter delivered spectacular shots of ”Düsseldorf Staatskanzlei”.

In the fifth year in a row, the mk plus drone delivered aerial shots of the Viva West Marathon on behalf of the WDR TV.

We have been flying over the federal stat parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia for the German regional election. Footage was shot for the broadcast by the WDR TV and Das Erste


For the WDR TV show Quarks & Caspers the mk plus videocopter had been flying around the famous Tetraeder in Bottrop.

For a documentary about Autobahn A 40 our drone team has delivered aerial shots of the main traffic artery in the Ruhr-Area. Soon on WDR TV.

For the broadcast „Ihre Meinung“ on WDR TV ; Topic: broken bridges, shabby streets and traffic jam the mk plus: videocopter shot among others video footage of the A1 bridge at Leverkusen.

First time our UAS (unmanned aerial system) had been in the air to be on air for the german news flagship Tagesthemen. The column: “Was Deutschland bewegt” Topic: sharing room.

Flying overhead a scrap yard might become an issue due to magnetic fields caused by the huge amounts of metal. Another drone provider had already crashed his quadrocopter on the yard before. It´s been a confirmation of our consequent redundant design of our unmanned aerial system.  

„Pretty traditional drone flights” through Oberammergau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the ZDF show „Volle Kanne Service: Wohnen & Design“

For ZDF: Zeit the copter this time partially worked as a camera crane when flying indoors in a meat-products factory. It also shot the outdoor establisher of the site.

Drone on an educational trip again: For the school TV project „Planet Schule“ this time we´d been out on a pumpkin field.

A pictoral establisher for the WDR health documentary  „Doc Esser – der Gesundheitscheck“ had been shot around the castle of Steinfurt.

For another episode of ZDF: Zeit our Octocopter has delivered pretty dusty shots of  the French fries harvest – aehm sorry, potato harvest. Topic this time: “Who beats Mc Donalds ?”


Ten years ago today winter storm Kyrill  has devastated huge areas of forest.  Back then and a year after we´ve done aerials of the devastation by helicopter.  Last autumn we´ve been out to the forests  again with our drone on behalf of the district government  Arnsberg to keep records of the successful reforestation efforts. More information:

The videocopter eduacates: For the school TV „Planet Schule“ the videocopter delivered shots oft the bio carrot harvest.

Here on the former Opel property thousands of people used to work on the Opel Kadett and Astras. It´s already been the fifth time we´ve flown overhead the area to document the demolition and remodeling progress from the birds eye perspective.

We frequently fly for the grocery store Nahkauf to shoot their charity performances for „Ein Herz für Kinder“. Aerials are being used for Nahkauf TV and ZDF „Ein Herz für Kinder“.

Current reporting flights are pretty rare for us. Within a short period of time our cameradrone delivered aerials from a floodwater enclosed youth hostel for WDR and SWR TV.

A real windy operation for our octocopter: A shot of a floating boat on open sea for a WDR documentary had to be taken. Take of on a moving boat with gusts around 40 km/h overhead the Ijselmeer.

mk plus delivered aerial shots with it´s drone of the Viva West Marathon forth year in a row. Footage was shot for the broadcast by WDR TV.

Scenic aerials of the spinach harvest in Rheinland Pfalz and indoor shots of the production process at Frosta deep-frozen food had been shot by our videocopter for the TV documentary Haushaltscheck with Yvonne Willicks.

mk plus videocopter delivered the drone pictures for the WDR documentary „Fast ein Selbstportrait - Bettina Böttinger“ on the occasion of the hosts birthday. Photo: WDR

It happens more frequently, that our camera crew and drone crew get booked together. For the WDR TV series Quarks & Co. we´d been shooting for two pieces of the topic unknown nature of Nordrhein Westfalia. Aditionaly we´ve used a brushless handheld gimbal for shooting flowers very close to the ground.

Flying overhead water became an almost daily business. At least every third job requires flying overhead rivers, lakes or even open sea. No worries – we´ve been flying without any issues from the beginning due to strict safety procedures. Here: Picture being taken overhead the river Weser for WDR “Die Story”

Our drone team has been on the road and in the air for several short video clips about Paralympics 2016 together with our camera crew equipped with Sony F 5. Here: Just going back after following the scullery by motorboat on a distance of two kilometers.

Videocopter crew has been on the road in several federal states for a episode of the TV series ZDF: Zeit. Among others we´d been flying in and overhead the city of Dortmund. Photo: View of our drone camera onto the famous “Dortmund U” while ther´s an empty parking lot underneath.

Indoor flights make the use of a videocopter more effective. For the series ZDF: Zeit “Pommes, Chips and Co…” we´d been flying inside a huge potato warehouse. A camara crane would have caused additional costs. A cameraman with steadycam or brushless gimbal would have trampled the potatoes.

Aerial images for a video production for the local hospital „Klinikum Niederberg“

Mission offshore – above and around Norderney for a WDR TV production. Patience pays. After the sea fog had retrieved we were rewarded with a stunning view over the German island. Here: View northbound above the dunes of Norderney.

Our cameradrone has been orbiting overhead the former Opel  premises in Bochum this week. Picture shows view from 100 meters altitude towards the city of Bochum.

First flights in 2016 have been accomplished with adverse weather conditions in and above the city of Altena. Pictures are being broadcasted at 10.02. on WDR TV “Die Story”.

The current high pressure weather system gives great opportunities for shooting with our videocopters. Sunrise from approx. 45 meters recorded by our drone team south of Bielefeld.

The Thyssen Krupp Sunriser by Hochschule Bochum is currently just contesting the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Picture shows our videocopter team with the entire Solar Car crew during a video production in Bochum.

Sometimes you need a higher point of view to realize dimensions. Impression delivered by our flying camera of Germanys largest camp ground Grav-Insel. Flown for the WDR TV production “Frau Heinrich kommt”. View heading west onto the 2,1 million square meters of the site.

Actor and presenter Michaela Schaffrath during a production with our drone team near Bielefeld.

On behalf of Gerolsteiner Brunnen we’ve been shooting with two videocopters to gather  video footage, as well as aerial photography of the activity Gerolsteiner Future Forest. The project is being operated in cooperation of Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz and Gerolsteiner Brunnen.

The videocopter has been shooting two  production days for the TV series “Wunderschoen”. Eight motors gave us some extra safety when flying overhead the Baltic Sea and the Bodden area. Photo shows our octocopter in front of the pier of Zingst.

Corporate video production well grounded and taken off at a wholesale company for roofer market in Gießen. We have done both: Cameracrew with Sony F 5 and aerial filming with our octocopter.

Another flight day for the WDR program “Planet Schule”. Quite nice about this: Due to the low editing frequency we could fly several sequence shots with more than 30 seconds running time. This frame ended on three ladies walking down in the city.

Presenter Andrea Ballschuh with our drone team. The videocopter has been in the air for a ZDF production.

Special operation for our drone team for the WDR program “Planet Schule”.  Among others we shot impressing pictures of brown cole strip mining with tough wind conditions.

Among others we could shoot several camera angels for end titles for the WDR studio in Siegen. Here: The dam of the Listertalsperre in the area of Olpe.

For a new ZDF broadcast we have flown “extended crane moves” with our videocopter within a gorgeous garden.

Flights within urban areas are always pepared twice… Here we are just checking the camera mounting on a flight mission for ARD Markencheck. The octocopter has been turned upside down.

Flights above water are always a bit nerve-wracking. The pursuit of a river boat on the river Rhein means: Driving ahead, looking for an appropriate takeoff place at the waterside and flying perfectly on huge distances around the moving ship. 45 minutes of water flying on a single day... Station: WDR TV

Great impression of agricultural labour in NIedersachsen delivered by our drone team during several flights for a ZDF production.

Scenic by flight: Our drone snatched a great view on the Gerolsteiner Dolomiten when flying for a ZDF production leading us to Gerolsteiner Sprudel. First the copter climbed for about 150 meters to fly along the crest for approximately one kilometer. Photo shows Gerolsteiner Sprudel production.

It´s been the third time ++mk plus: videocopter has delivered the aerial footage from the Vivawest Marathon “Ruhrmarathon”. The pictures were broadcasted in the WDR documentary “Ruhrmarathon 2015”

The Nahkauf Truck on tour accompanied by the videocopter. We´ve done several flights along the truck route and in front of the Nahkauf chain store in Schleiden for a web campaign.

Our slightly smaller hexacopter (videocopter 2) has just proven beeing capable of delivering perfect footage even in gusty situations. The flights were beeing done for RTL above open water.

++mk plus: videocopter on it´s wet mission at Germanys biggest water supply company “Bodensee Wasserversorgung”. Our cameradrone has not only been flying for 30 minutes above Germanys biggest Lake, we were also permitted to hover the copter inside the huge pump-hall, where the entire water current for Baden-Württemberg is being forwarded.

The Sauerland is pretty much "down to earth" though the people were excited about our videocopter flying above their village for the WDR show "Der Haushaltscheck mit Yvonne Willicks". We quickly got the key for the bakery to charge our copter batteries. Thanks Sauerland!

Demolition of Opel in Bochum. Our picture shows a view over the smoke stack with a mounted demolition robot. Behind: The former parking lot filled with debries. The pictures were shot on request of WDR TV.

The best  about camera drone work is to meet exited people, sharing our fascination, when having a look over our shoulder. The supposed skepticism about drones and surveillance simply does not exist. Of course we gladly do answer to all questions after landing. Here: A production with Yvonne Willicks in Essen.

Our camera drone has been on an archaeological misson above the famous Aachen Lousberg. Our client is the Landschaftsverband Rheinland. Soon we´ll have more information here. Picture: The spinning tower Aachen on the Lousberg, on the right and in the backround the city of Aachen.

Huge check-up for Videocopter 1. After two successful years with 50 flight hours our octocopter is beeing disassembled and inspected. Furthermore the drone gets new engines, props and controllers. This is all for safety reasons.

Double order for mk plus. While the videocopter was delivering it's first pictures from sunrise, our camera crew has already been filming in the stud of this organic farm near Dusseldorf.

Yes we can indoors, too! Indoor flight with our octocopter for an automotive suppliers new image film. The flights could replace the application of a camera crane and offer new perspectives.

First: We did not exceed the legal alcohol limit, when flying this job at the famous Bitburger brewery!
The videocopter replaced crane shots inside and air shots from outside for a ZDF documentary.

Area 30 – that means everything about kitchen trends. Our Cameradrone delivered establishing shots for an image clip and gave an idea of the events dimension.

We´ve been flying and delivering establishing shots of a hospital in Aachen for the WDR documentary "Hier und Heute". The challenge: Flying shots from a stand into a stand.



Who knows what this is ? Right - grape vine shot from 50 meters above with a long focal length in the area of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse for SWR TV.



The symbol of the city Schloss Holte Stukenbrock orbited in an altitude of approx. 60 meters. The result can be seen on the city´s website:




"The Culturecopter". Roman and celtic excavations beeing shot from altitudes between 30 cm up to 100 meters. Location: European Culturepark Rheinheim for two 90 minute productions for SWR TV "The treasures of southwest"

Flights above water usually result by rising the pilots stress level, but without good reason. We´ve been flying without any incident for two years now. The results are a good compensation anyway ! Here: River Rhein in the area of Gernsheim.



Die Kirmes Pollhans in Schloss Holte Stukenbrock. Spektakuläre Aufnahmen aus über 80 Metern Höhe - selbstverständlich wurden keine Menschenmengen überflogen. Der Multikopter bewegte sich über einer sicheren Flugschneise neben der Kirmes ! Sicherheit geht immer vor. Demnächst auf

Eine traumhafte Kulisse für klassische Luftbilder und ausgedehnte „Kranfahrten“ bietet das Hagener Freilichtmuseum. Sicher einer der Aufträge, die uns in diesem Jahr besonders viel Spaß gemacht haben.

Das älteste Kunstwerk der Menschheit wurde in diesen Höhlen gefunden. Unsere fliegende Kamera unterwegs in Baden Württemberg für den SWR.

Start des Videocopters unter anderem am Gasometer Oberhausen für ein WDR Feature über den Rhein-Herne-Kanal.

Start des videocopter auf einem engen Hinterhof in Köln für einen Imageclip.

Videocopter Einsatz für die Westfalenpost und das Motodrom Hagen beim Kartcup der Westfalenpost. Das Wetter war suboptimal. Der Copter konnte dafür beweisen auch bei mäßigem Regen gute Bilder zu erfliegen.

Establisher und ausgedehnte „Kranfahrten“ durfte der Videocopter für ein neues RTL Format liefern.

Zweiter Tag unserer Langzeitbeobachtung aus der Luft einer der größten Autobahnbaustellen der Republik. Die Hagener Lennetalbrücke der A 45 wird in den nächsten Jahren komplett erneuert. Ein spannendes Projekt, dass wir regelmäßig befliegen werden.

Premiere. Die ersten „air to air shots“ lieferte unser Videocopter vom neuen Matto von German Gyro. Die Herausforderung beim Starten und Landen des Gyrocopters die Geschwindigkeit des Gyrocopters zu halten und sich nicht zu nahe zu kommen. Selbstverständlich alles mit Genehmigung des Flugplatzes.

Für einen Veranstaltungseinspieler lieferte der Videocopter das entscheidende Bild: Der Kurier Wagen aus der aufsteigenden Vogelperspektive...

Sportlich unterwegs war unser Multicopter beim VIVAWEST Marathon 2014 in Gelsenkirchen und Essen für die Sondersendung des WDR "Der Pott bewegt sich". Der ehemalige WDR Intendant Fritz Pleitgen zeigte sich begeistert von unserer fliegenden Kamera.

Im Auftrag der Wissenschaftssendung Galileo (Pro 7) lieferte der Videocopter Bilder einer riesigen Eisfabrik. Nach der Landung gab es Eis für Pilot und Kamera Operator.

Der Videocopter hat heute tolle Bilder von der „Rolling 50“ des Motorsport Clubs 550 geliefert. Neben viel Sonne gab es viel Wind und Böen von über 35 km/h. Unser neuer Brushless Gimbal zeigte sich unbeeindruckt und lieferte alle Einstellungen unverwackelt in Top Qualität.

Ab sofort wird die Full HD Kamera am Videocopter mit einem brushless Gimbal stabilisiert. Auch bei starkem Wind sind nun perfekt ruhige Einstellungen in allen Flughöen möglich. Wir sind begeistert!

„Der Pflege Check“ im WDR Fernsehen. Der Videocopter durfte für die Sendung ausgefallene Kameraeinstellungen und Luftbilder liefern.

Großes Kino für den Trailer der Jury einer Preisverleihung in Berlin. Wir kombinierten die Stärken des Videocopters mit denen der Sony F5 Super 35 mm Kamera.

Ein Aussenschuss der besonderen Art gönnte sich der Imagefilm von einem Küchenstudio in Hilden.

Yvonne Willicks - der große Haushaltscheck.
Thema: Die größten und teuersten Waschirrtümer.

Für die Nahkauf Kampagne mit Toto und Harry wurde der Tourbus für unseren Kunden Social and Art TV mit unserer fliegenden Kamera aus der Luft begleitet.

Fast vier Stunden war der Videocopter an mehreren Stellen in NRW für die Sendung "Die schönsten Landschaften in NRW" unterwegs. Sendedatum Karfreitag 2014.

Für den Imagefilm der Helios Klinik in Wuppertal durfte unser Copter auf dem Dach des Hauptgebäudes starten um dieses anschließend zu umkreisen. Weitere Starts erfolgten an verschiedenen Stellen des Geländes.