Film- and TV production:

Our classical job is high end aerial filming for Film, TV and videoproduction. Our aerials are continuously being shown on TV stations like WDR, ARD, ZDF and RTL. Our pilot and cameraoperator  basically develop every shot together with our customer or rather their editors . We suggest ideas how the camera moves and how the resulting shot may look like. The 360 degrees remote head is capable of being moved like a camera crane´s head into any direction without taking care about the movement of the aircraft. Due to the teamwork of camera operator, pilot and our customer it is absolute essential all pictures can be followed directly by them.

Recording formats:

  • 1080 50 i HD
  • 1080 24 / 25 p HD
  • 576 i Pal SD


The high performance 360 deg. remote head works as a perfect platform for high resolution photo cameras as well. Basically a panning head would not be essential for aerial photography, but systems without a pan option always need to pan the whole copter in the air for setting the final frame. Because all axes of our camera head work independently of the airframe, even our customers can take the stick and move the camera to their favourite position, without endangering our octocopter. Our pilot just needs to position the copter in the sky on the right point.

Maintenance-  and inspection flights:

For inspection flights it absolutely makes sense for our customers to position the camera for their needs. Only the technicians and engineers know where to look for possible issues on their facilities. You are welcome to take the camera controlle yourself - of course our camera operator will assist you or he does the camera work by our customers instruction. The drone flies to remote spots, not being accessible without industry climber, helicopter or scaffolding. After the flight we deliver a full HD video file and/ or high resolution photos for interpreting on your PC.
Our long lasting experience with industry. and image video benefits us even for a (don't get us wrong) "less creative" but very precise work. The highly stable system, originally constructed for very smooth film shots guarantees the best available platform for your professional tasks.

By the way, for all applications it is essential: Safety first !