is a product of mk plus medienproduktion GmbH. mk plus features with it's videocopter system  the demands of film and tv production for high performance aerial filming. Because of 20 years of experience and enthusiasm in film- and  TV-production we proudly offer the product camera drone with a different overall understanding for this kind of work  than most of our compeditors.

The Crew:

Our pilot is not only a cameraman with 20 years of experience, but also a pilot of  sporting aircrafts with 15 years of flight routine. Another passion for him is flying remote control helicopters for several years.

The aircraft:

Our octocopter is equipped with an 360 degrees remote head, which is being controled by our camera operator independently from the multirotor aircraft.

This enables us for example to shoot side wards perspectives even when flying within obstacle situations. The perfect coordination between pilot and camera operator delivers the performance your film or tv production deserves. For photo missions it is possible, that our customers can control the camera sighting themselves as an option, without meshing into the flight controls.  An additional photo mission might be realised within a quick system converting time, which makes the Videocopter mission much more efficient by generation more media output.


As a matter of course the launch of unmanned aerial vehicle requires an administrative decision in most countries. We do own permanent permissions for take off in Nordrhein Westfalia, Rheinland Pfalz, Niedersachsen, Bayern, Schleswig Holstein, Hessen, Baden Württemberg, Sachsen, Sachsen Anhalt and Mecklenburg Vorpommern for UAV. This enables us to take off spontaniously within these countries.  Other federal states within Germany usually need a few days in advance to issue another permanent or non permanent permission. We look forward to clarify what we actually need for a safe and legal operation for your mission. Just let us know and give us a call or an e mail.  Of course our camera drone and pilot has an appropriate insurance.